12 May 2012

The sorbetto... jumper?!

So this is what I made to take with me to Italy.
I wanted something warm but wearable in a range of situations. 

Believe it or not, its a sorbetto made out of an ikea throw!

So... what did I do?

I took out the centre fold on the sorbetto.
Added an extra couple of inches.

I drafted some long sleeves from a jumper I already had. They were meant to come down long and have holes for my thumb, but I misjudged the length and width, so I hemmed them at the wrist instead.

I cut out a rectangle as long as the total length of  the neckline, and twice as wide as I wanted the cowl to be. I sewed it on so that the seam for the cowl was against my neck, and the seam joining the cowl together would be hidden beneath the fold.

I took advantage of the finish of the throw to give a more interesting finish around the bottom and the cowl.

I would definitely consider making something similar again, but I wouldn't suggest using the throw ;) 
It served a purpose but was already piling really badly, especially on the sleeves, so I would probably choose a better quality fleece.

PS: Today I'm wearing the herman sorbetto with 3/4 jeans, and yesterday was a pjs day (I landed at 1am, got home at 2, then didn't fall asleep til 6 (midnight Italy time), attempted to wake up a couple of times but fell asleep again each time, only actually waking up at two... I wore the space invader pjs I made for the boy a while back!

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