A little about me

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

Im 26 27 28 years old.
I live in Perth, Australia. 
We emigrated here in 2007.
I just started back at university to do a PhD.
I got married in September 2011 to my lovely Boy.
I broke my arm just before my wedding!

I love to sew
I love being outside
I spent I spent a good few years working a job where I had to sleep in a swag and play in the dirt.
I have two passports.
I speak a bit of German, French, Spanish, and am currently attempting to learn Italian.

I love hearing from people who stop by :)

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your site today. I am much older then you (50), in fact I my oldest son will be 27 in another 2 weeks. I am rather new to sewing myself. You do beautiful work sewing, I don't even know some of the words you use when you talk about sewing, ha ha. Keep up the good work. I especially love the baby clothes. When is your baby due? Good luck with the baby and I love your wedding picture above. You both look very happy.


I love hearing from you!