08 November 2009

Perth Pink Triathalon

Generally a very good day! Massive turnout- over 1000 pinkies apparently.
Lots of women of all different ages and fitness levels. It was quite a site to behold!

8:30 for the 300m, including some transition. Think my HRM said under 8 minutes for the actual water time which I was happy. Put me 297th overall, 38th in my group.

36:08 for the 10km. Slower than I'd have liked, but I went pretty hard but I guess I'd not trained too hard for this bit as I cycle fairly regularly but rarely swim. Obviously it needs work! To my credit, there were a few bits where I reached terminal velocity and didnt have the gears left to go faster... New bike needed?! Put me 337th overall and 31st in my age group.

18:05 for the 3kms. Just as the sun came out and it suddenly got hotter! Pleased with my run time (same pace over 3km as the C2S... hmmm), though it was always going to be my strength.

Put me 192nd overall and 22nd in my group.

Apparently I came out of transition about 5 minutes behind a friend of mine who used to do real triathlons before she went overseas for a year, and finished about 30 seconds behind her, so got to be happy with that. She gained the 5 minutes in the cycle, and shes mainly a cyclist, so yey!

Afterwards went for Brunch with a group of girls I didn't know (my friends friends friends...) which was actually quite good fun. Never really done "Brunch with teh girls" but I might have to start.