24 January 2013

Things are getting a little hot in the kitchen

Hot indeed! *swoon*

When I saw the "Pin-Up" christmas fabric, I just had to have some. And while I was ordering, I just couldn't say no to some of the other easy-on-the-eye fabric either. Hence I have 2m of semi-naked firemen in my sewing room. What girl could say no?!
This wasn't just random purchasing though. Two of my friends have birthdays in the next couple of weeks, so the plan was to make aprons...

The first is a slightly off 1/4 circle (longer in the middle than the edges) with a ruffle around the bottom and a super long waist band that can be tied around the front.

For the other I got slightly more adventurous, with a more rounded shape, fat ties and a thick shaped waist band with interfacing to help keep its shape:

One recipient is spending her birthday in America, so it kind of ties in there, and the other is part of the volunteer rescue team, so I'm sure she will appreciate it!
I still have plenty of fabric, so I'm thinking I might need one...

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  1. Sassy! What an epic apron!You need one for yourself ;)


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