20 January 2013

Meringue 2.0

Sewing with a plan... I'm starting to like you!

Seperates? Tick.
Wearable? Tick
Nice finish? Passable.
Feel like a toddler? Nope!

Meringue out of synthetic charcoal moleskin that I bought in the half price sale at Homecraft Textiles last year. I took this to the BurdaSewingClub meet yesterday to work on, but managed to forget the front skirt piece! So I just enjoyed that chat and the tasty goodies, and got to work when I got home.

Doggie photo bomb! Needy dog needs to be by my side at every second of every day!

The scallops didn't come out quite so well this time. This fabric is hard to sew with and doesn't take well to an iron so the scallops and the darts aren't as smooth as I would really like, but I think it looks OK for everyday:

The inside is all party! Made from scraps from the first dress I ever made, for our "come in bright colours" birthday/engagement/residency party

This time I traced the 10 and graded down to an 8 at the hem, and its pretty much a perfect fit- maybe a teensy bit tight across the bum, but hopefully not for much longer as I slowly try and reduce the kilos that spending a couple of months in Italy tends to add!

I think I like it!
This will be the last meringue for a while. I think the originally planned bird print needs a straighter skirt to not feel toddler-ish.


  1. Just love the last action/movement photo - that just says it all! ...J

    1. U huh! I love burst photography and free online gif makers :)

  2. BWAH HA HA! Awesome photo animation! That lining is fierce- I am in love with it!


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