28 October 2010

I resigned!

As of 13th December there will be no more bush work.
I have mixed feelings, as I mostly love my job, but I do need to move on and up.

No actual new job yet, but enough leads to be pretty confident of no unemployment.
I'm on the books until mid-January anyway, due to my back log of annual leave, so there's lots of time to decide on the right job.

23 October 2010

Lots to tell!

Its been an exciting few weeks!

We went to Cambodia to get our Australian Residency granted, and while we were there Dave proposed :)

The wedding will be back home, probably in early 2012, and to get my ideas in order and let everyone back home know what we're thinking, I've decided to start a[nother] wedding blog...
If thats the kind of thing that interests you, see