My Me-Mades

I like to make stuff.

I mainly sew clothes and make bags and other accessories, and I'm learning to crochet.
My current aim is to sew clothes that I will wear, not just crazy prints.

I enjoy taking part in online events, such as the Spring Top Sewalong and Me-Made-May. It gives me some inspiration to sew and try new things, and increases my confidence in what I can make! And it gives a great sense of community- a great chance to meet other home sewists and swap ideas.

Now we've got our own house there is a bit more DIY sneaking in, and lots more pretty things for around the house. For example, take a look at what we've done to the garden.

I sew on a sexy black Toyota machine, which I generally love. I can see how some people would need/expect more, but it suits me perfectly!

Recent Completions:

Look at all those scallops!

Christmas Party Dresses 1 and 2
and the prototype:

Our outfits for toughmudder

About a million Sorbettos

Heaps of baby clothes

(for friends, not me! - Itty bitty baby dresses and Big Butt pants