11 July 2010

Sick leave Make and Create

So, I've been back home nearly a week, and been ill for nearly two. :(
I'm meant to be at work, but the doctor wouldn't allow me out of Perth because the cough (that came with whatever little bug both Dave and I have) has badly affected my asthma, especially since my lungs were weak and irritated anyway from my allergy to my parents Dogs.
So I'm on steroids to keep my lungs open, but other than that I'm not to bad... but VERY bored.

So, after watching lots of boring day-time TV I cleaned out the wardrobe and made some extra space and better organised it all:

Then I decided to try some more projects with my sewing machine.
And voilĂ  - Two new cute bags, based on the ButterCup Bag pattern:

The one on the right is meant to be a strawberry. 
The leaves are much more green in real life.

I made some pretty accessories too:
This necklace is made out of rolled up pages from magazines.
And from all the scraps of material I made a million flowers, as broaches and hair bands and clips and decorations and whatever :)

Here's to being ill!

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