04 March 2013

Bye Bye Summer

After a scorcher of a Summer, its finally Autumn. And this morning we got our first significant rain for a while. A whole 2mm in the last 24 hours!

I think the boy was a little impressed  by my skills after all that baby crocheting (skills? erm, yes dear. 2 types of stitch in a circle...) and asked if I can make him a hat. Where he works it gets cold fast as winter approaches (Western Australian cold that is- very occasionally they get frosts. That kind of cold) and he can end up spending quite large periods of time outside.

I nearly fell over with shock. I've made him stuff before, but he's never asked for anything before.

So obviously I jumped on it! He wanted a black beanie, and when I was looking for pattern ideas I found some with bear ears. I jokingly showed it to him and he said- "That would be cool! Especially if the inside of the ears were paler"

There was my design brief! What do you think?

I didn't actually follow a pattern, I just followed the idea of how you make a hat- increasing circles then straight down circles when it looks right. Its all double crochet apart from the last three rows which are half double to make a slightly more snug band. 

Woolly hat and singlet. Good look, yes?! 

The inside of the ears are the same wool as the hat, plus some thinner grey acrylic yarn worked together-
Magic circle
7 double crochet- no join. 
Pull tight Continue with just one strand
Ch2, turn, 1 half double in first (same) space, 2 half double in each remaining.

Should give you just less than a semi circle, so the ears have a bit of shape to them when sewn on.

It took about 3 hours.
I'm sure someone with a little more expertise could whip them up in no time!

2 x 50g chunky wool = $8 (maybe less, should pay more attention! I think it was $3.99 a ball. It feels lovely and soft, and its really thick and luscious)

I hope he likes it! Or I might steal it...

And because I needed to know if I could actually scale up, I had to make me one too.
(Though thinner, cheaper 100% Acrylic yarn for me)

1/3 x 100g acrylic = $1.33.

Loving the colours in this one.
I didn't think I could pull of bear eaers, so I went with a flower.

Now we just need the temperature to drop so we can wear them!


  1. Its funny thinking if hats in the summer. They look good.

  2. Won't be long till your temps drop down ready for winter wearing of these hats!

  3. Super cute! Check you and your mad skills out, lady :D

  4. Very very cool! If only u live next door i can pop over to learn from you directly. Hehe. Alas i don't knit or crochet, and am going to have to cut up my wooly sweater to make my boys matching hats... I lost the little one's on the bus last week, and they always preferred to be matchy matchy.

    1. It only takes one stitch to make these! You should totally learn. Its pretty easy to pick up the basics.

    2. Ola Ellen! Next time i see a beginner class i will totally join :)


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