27 March 2013

Challenges and Contests

Now I've broken my sewing drought with a laurel or two, I got to work on a new muslin for my Mad Men 2 dress. Well, my first Mad Men style dress. I traced a fitted shirt from my burda stash, and played around with it- FBA (!) then rotated out the horizontal dart, adding a pleat or two to the shoulder and the rest will he in the vertical dart.
This is my inspiration pic, but I've decided to leave the collar off as I think it would put me off wearing it. So instead the little pleats will add a little bit more interest. My plan is to take some of the fullness out of the waist and the arms, but leave enough to keep the feel, especially with something poofy underneath for pictures!

Mad Men sewing challenge betty draper dress

And my fabric of choice:

Like last time I tried a burda shirt, it came out much bigger than expected from sizing, but I think I can save it. (I gave up on fixing the princess seams of the last one and threw it out in the last round of clear-outs) So that is tomorrows job. Well, actually, tomorrows job is finishing attaching the gate that is half hanging off the wall, but maybe after that.

Did you hear about the Laurel contest? Huge! And 6 different categories. And no entry limit. One of the categories is aimed at we antipodeans currently going into winter (and boy don't we know it. Single figures here last night! I put a jumper on for the first time in months and months). I'm tempted, though I have no real ideas yet. Maybe something black and warm, to go with the crazy tights which may or may not be back in fashion. Or a Laurel "Christmas jumper"?
(These confuse me. I get it at Christmas. But Christmas jumpers in April just because its cold?!")
Closes 30th April, so some time to think still. Not much though :S

Then after that closes, its May... and we all know what that means!

And for a totally different kind of contest- I won't be sewing over Easter weekend because its the Australian National Band Contest. So excited! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

And finally, because no post is complete without cutesy dog photo:


  1. Oh, that fabric is perfect! And your dog photo- nawwwww!

  2. Looks exciting! Cute fabric too :)


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