15 March 2013

In a bit of a lull

I have been trying to work on the muslin for my MadMen dress, but I can't make the sleeves work and frustration won out. I haven't touched my machine in ages! I'm almost tempted to go and buy a pattern. must... resist.... must... draft...

I've been doing a fair amount of crocheting though. Various sized burial cocoons that with matching hats. I'm having issues with sizing though- I'm adding extra stitches everywhere some how, and when I do my best to follow the pattern exactly it comes out way too small. Hmmm. Maybe I just crochet too tightly. I think theyre all useable though. Thats the benefit of not having a specific size to work for!

These little booties have open backs that will have ties to stay on. 
Most of the preemie patterns are from MamaThatMakes.

And how cute are these newborn sized AFL themed hats.
(Go Eagles!)

The other consequence is that my yarn stash has grown quite considerably...

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