22 March 2013

Pirate Shirt

Don't you think it looks pirate-y?!

Maybe less so with number 4, but the rest?
This is a 1971 pattern I won as part of a Sew Greatful week, from the lovely Claire at Errant Pear
As part of the giveaway, she begged the winner to make view one. 
Those sleeves- just look at them! I love big sleeves, yet they feel so overwhelming. Could the fitted bicep help rein them in?!

I'll let you decide:

Seaside hair in Cottesloe

I added a slit centre front, closed with a button, and played around with the stripe directions to break it up a little. The sleeves are tight. They only just fit, and that makes the neckline pull and sit unevenly. 
But the biggest issue I had was the size. I took 20cm off the waist of this sack, and its still a sack. It has no fastenings and no shaping, so I should have expected it, but really, huge sack. I could do the waist shiring, but I don't really like the feel of it. 

I think the only way I could pull this off is to have it tucked in to a pencil skirt that I don't have yet. 

But... the sleeves. I think I like them. Maybe with a centimetre more ease, and maybe on a more fitted top! With the volume of everything else it still feels too much, but I think on a slim fitting top I would love them. 


  1. For what it is worth - I really like this. I love the stripes and it doesn't look like a sack. But it all comes down to how it feels when you're wearing it.

    1. Its pretty sackish... I'm thinking of maybe adding some smaller shiring patches at the side just to bring it in a little under the bust, but so I can still get it on and off! I love the colours and sleeves though, so its not getting chucked just yet!

  2. I'm so happy you gave this a whirl! (although I totally wouldn't have minded if you didn't) I love the stripes. Maybe if the sleeves aren't working for you... just take em off! It could be a cute tank, and then maybe the volume wouldn't feel overwhelming. (PS I am sooo envious of your lovely beach photos - we are due for more snow this weekend and I'm not excited about it.)

    1. I actually quite like the sleeves.I just need something more figure defining with them! Yesterday was a perfect beach day- 28 degrees with a good breeze. I love this time of year, but I kind of miss the snow too!

  3. That is a really pretty pirate top with a pretty play on the stripes (you are giving me ideas!). I have this sweet white, lemon, chocolate, lime thin stripey silk that I want to sew but was too scared to touch before (thank god for that coz i was just going to do vertical line- you know, thinking that vertical lines will make me appear "thinner") Alas, I just have maybe 2 yards of a 45" width. Have to plan plan plan....

    On another note, I am nominating/presenting you with a Liebster Blog award, not knowing if you already have one/want one :) Should you accept the award, here is my post on it: http://farsland.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-blog-award-and-2013-essential.html

    1. Thanks for the nominations :D
      Not sure if you noticed, but the button I used was one that you sent me when you had your pattern clear out. I used the blue ones on one of the preemie cocoons too.


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