16 July 2010

Curry Night!

Last night we had a couple of friends round for curry and interesting beer.

I made (from scratch):

Lamb Saag (based on this)
Chicken Jalfrezi (from the "Ministry of Food" book)
Bombay Potatoes (from here)
Naan breads
with rice.

It was awesome!

We got lots of beer from our local amazing bottleshop too,

Pomegranate Ale, Chocolate Oatmeal stout, Japanese Owl Beer (Hitachi Brewery), some from BrewDog.
And we finally drank the Christmas Ale we bought at the TangleHead brewery at least 18 months ago... It had kept brewing in the bottle so it was more like christmas wine. Not too good anymore, but I think it would have been good up to a year ago... Ah well! Lesson learnt!

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  1. Wow, that beer sounds/looks good! Chocolate oatmeal? I'm intrigued!


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