24 February 2012

Its a date!

We got a date for our citizenship ceremony!

In fact we got two; they split the group in half alphabetically, and as I didn't change my name after we got married, we were on separate halves of the list and therefore a week apart in ceremony dates.

A quick call to the council and it was all sorted.

By the end of March we'll be AUSTRALIAN!

13 February 2012

Stoner Caterpillar Dress

We were invited to an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. 

Go through the rabbit hole....

I loved the idea of something more imaginative, so raided my cupboard.

The bodice is based on the burda cap sleeve bodice, but I pieced together the bodice so I could have the underbody of the caterpillar.

For the skirt, I knew I needed a train, but I wanted something more than a circle skirt. I ended up cutting a slit the same length as the bodice width ina long rectangle of fabric (about 1.5m). I sewed it onto the bodice so the front and back had tight radiating gathers, and the rest was a smooth join. I'll try and add pictures, because that doesn't make such sense to me either!

I attached the rest of the scarf to the skirt so it matched the pieced bodice.

Once the main dress form was finished, I tried it on and tacked the netting in gathers under the back of the skirt and train, until it looked like I wanted.

I cut 4 sets of feet out of felt and tacked them on, donned the wig, and was transformed into a beautiful... caterpillar.
Fully caterpillared!

My inspiration. I had a cigarette holder as my hookah pipe, but forgot it :(
Id even covered it in glitter specially.

Me and the husband.
I was very proud. He made his outfit (mostly) all by himself.

There was a bouncy castle :)

Finally, an excuse to wear the shoes from Dubai.

Some other party goers.

I used the rest of the fabric to make a sorbetto