01 May 2012

DIY Wedding Shoes!

So, I just saw a feature on modified wedding shoes on Grosgrain and thought I would add mine to the mix.

I started out trying to hack some ex-bridesmaid shoes that I would be unlikely to wear again. I attempted to cover them in the fabric we were using for lots of the details. They looked OK, but were home made, and not in a good way.

I never got them much past this stage. I did trim it down, but it just wasn't working.
I gave up on them and bought some glittery oat-meal coloured with maribou and diamante and pearls.
But I really did want some orange ones to go under the dress.

A few days before the wedding I was out shopping in Manchester, and saw a nearly perfect pair of orange strapy heels in Monsoon, heavily reduced. The heels were a bit high, and they were a bit plain, but they were the perfect shade of orange, and had lots of potential.

The boys buttonholes were hand made, using melted-edge flowers and different coloured buttons. The bridesmaids had some on slide for their hair. So I added some to the orange shoes to make them that bit more special. 

I simply attached two onto the t-bar of each shoe, a larger, more voluminous one lower down, and a smaller one at the top. Quick, easy, kept well with the theme and I loved them. 
And all for less than $15!

My bridesmaids lovingly does my shoe up for me. 
They were used to it by this stage because the broken elbow meant I couldn't easily do things like tie shoelaces or open doors, so they'd spent a lot of the previous 2 weeks tying shoe laces and opening door for me! You don't realise how much stuff requires two dexterous arms!
 Lookily most of the DIY was already done pre-break!

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