27 May 2012

Run for a reason 2012

Well, at least I managed to get out of bed this year!
The team has managed to raise over $750 for DiabetesWA, so I couldn't really be lazy!

This morning was crisp and bright. Glorious running weather!

The run itself went quite well. Dave had pledged an extra $5 for every minute I managed under 1:30, so that way my aim.
All went surprisingly well, actually, since I hadn't run for over a month. The tunnel was hot and sweaty as usual... I struggled from 9-11km. the race went from being on the freeways to being on the bike path, and with 20,000 people this year (OK, so not all doing the 14km, but a lot more than there have been) it was really crowded with the area decrease, and hard to over take. Not that I was in much of an issue to over take much...

They sorted the finish out as well... as soon as you got to the WACA you went down the shoot. None of the circles around and not knowing where the end is.

And I crossed the finish line in 1:24:07. Which I was pretty happy with. I'm not a fast runner, and thats only a couple of minutes slower than last time, when I was top of my game. Doesn't seem to matter how much I train, I can't seem to get much beyond 11km/h. I think more sprint training is in order.

And todays me-made item is my hair bow :) WE all got a length of fabric with cupcakes on as our "team colours". I was just going to tie it around my head, but my hair kept getting tangled, so since I was bored anyway, I made it into a proper head band. It stayed put all the way through!

The thing that annoys me most, with this and every big public race, are the walkers in the first kilometer. I know mostly its because they don't actually know what theyre doing and how detrimental it can be to those around, but surely thats what the volunteers are there to try and do... make sure people start in the right category. not much you can do about the people who put themselves in the wrong group from the very start (apart from having to pre-qualify?!), but the people wearing walking numbers are especially annoying! If you couldn't tell, its a pet peeve of mine...

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