07 February 2010

There is culture in Perth after all.

A bit too much for some. I heard some funny comments :)

Perth International Arts Festival kicked off on Friday with a big show in the Supreme Court Gardens, featuring La Fura des Baus, a spanish performance arts group:

Multi-award winning and utterly unique, La Fura dels Baus have a world-class reputation for artistic excellence. Their remarkable public shows have been performed around the globe, including at the 1992 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and in Barcelona for the millennium celebration.

La Fura dels Baus create massive, awe-inspiring shows that combine human athletic precision, breathtaking acrobatics and large moveable structures. Among their many creations are flying angels, giant wheels hovering in open air and daredevil choreography performed in a spinning, smoking globe.

Needless to say, it was pretty spectacular! 
I got there a bit early to watch the Welcome to Country, which was pretty cool. 
The gardens were already packed out with picnic-ers, enjoying the fine weather for once (apparently it rained for the last two years).
Once the welcome was over, they gave us warning to pack up all stuff, stand up, and if we were movement inpaired (e.g. disabled, had small kids and especially a pram) to move outside the boundary. People were unwilling, but it soon became obvious why we should!
As the time for the show approached, people started moving through the crowd with burning fire sticks. People started moving!
Then we had all sorts: 
Angels hanging in the sky

flying wheels

bull riders (charging through the crowd, see why you had to move?!) 
and the curtain of sandgropers, hanging from the crane:

Sounds weird but it looked fantastic!

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