05 February 2010


I love holiday planning.

We have many trips in the pipeline- its going to be a great year!

  • Finally going to go to Melbourne on my first break in March. We were going to go for ~3 weeks, and do a week ish in Melbourne, a week probably in the Snowy Mountains (and Mt Kozy-what-ever-its-called) and a weekend in Canberra, but all the OHs workmates had jumped in and he couldnt get the time off. So just Melbourne it is. Bring on nice food and shopping!
  • Hopefully, I will be meeting up withj my best friend from school in Cairns in May-ish. Shes been in NZ for the last 9 months and then plans to do a bit a trip along the east coast before returning to the UK. She's headed from Sydney to Darwin, and Cairns seems liek a good option. I went when my parents were over in August and loved it, so want to take the OH and do soem more exploring.
  • We're off back to the UK in June for the wedding. It'll be 3 years since I'll have seen most of the people so I'm excited!
  • On the way back we're stopping over in Dubai to see one of my other bestest friends who's currently there engineering water until he gets enough experience to engineer water for Oxfam. We get to see the Burj. I'm nearly as excited as teh OH about that!
  • The only time this year that the Staircase to the Moon falls on our break is in September, so we're beading to Broome. I liekd it when I was there... 4 years ago? And when we were sorting through all the residency evidence I found a postcard I'd written, saying that when we moved over here we had to come back and ride camels on the beach at sunset. And now I'm aware of the existancy and deliciousness of Matsos Brewery, so its going to be amazing!
So much planning potential!
Love it!

Where are you off to this year?

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