14 February 2010

Not another V-day post

Because we don't do valentines. We are having home made pizza for tea though, which is what he attempted to make me the first time :)
I did send my best friend in England a cutesy card too, mainly because it was time for a catch up letter anyway!

Yesterday was our BBQ for the boys birthday, and also just because we haven't had a barbeque for about a year and a half! It seemed to go well. We had maybe 25 people around, which was a good number, busy but not too crowded.

On friday night I sent the Boy out with a friend so I could make him an amazing cake (even if I do say so myself). I got a couple of drunkard texts from the pair of them over the evening, then a call at about 11 from the Boy asking for help because our other mate had thrown up all over the taxi and now was sitting in the middle of his drive refusing/unable to continue. Boys nights out!

The cake worked pretty well, though it wasn't the prettiest picture and the edges were a bit crispy. And I kind of ran out of icing too... It was a chocolate/raspberry ripple cake with dark and white chocolate frosting. Turned out yummy and moist and the thin spread of icing through the middle kind of dissolved the cake on either side to add to the goo. I hid it in the fridgy, boxed in by chopping boards so he couldn't peak.
The weather was pretty nice, but that meant that our back yard sun trap was roasting!
People started turning up about 1130 as planned. Starting with the first 2 out of the four invited babies. Tom (nearly 2) and his new baby brother William (3 weeks!). So off I start with the coo-ing. Ive never really spent much time with Tom, because everyone else gets dibs and the rumours start to fly about "us being next". Erm, no! But this time there was no one else around so I got to play babysitter while Fiona delt with the little one and Ben talked to the OH. Wed played with the balloons- the RED balloon, or the GREEN balloon, tom? and the ice in the esky (until he started trying to grab the bottles of beer, which Ben quite liked- Can you teach him to bring me a drink while you're there?!), then the fire engine...
It was the first time I've held a small person. Crazy huh! Over the course of the day he kept coming over to me and asking to be picked up and cuddled. At one point a friend was holding him and he started kicking up a fuss to be passed to me. So very cute and I have to admit I'm currently very clucky! But not for a few more years yet. His parents were amazed by how much he'd taken to me over the course of one afternoon, as was I! I put it down to the shiny jingly necklace...

As more people arrived and the day progressed, it was obvious our little back yard was too small and too hot for a BBQ, so the boys moved all the stuff to our front lawn (half dead, and very open- we don't have a fence or anything) and we plonked the BBQ on the footpath (good job its a quiet street) and had a very enjoyable time under the shade of the jacaranda trees out the front. I ate pretty well at the time, but we had plenty of left over sausages so not been doing too well since!

We asked people to bring interesting beer, because thats our hobby. Trying new beers. We got a fair assortment to try, and provided a massive amount of Tanglefoot, the Boys favourite tipple form the Homeland, so that everyone good try some.

I think everyone had a good time. I did, and he did, so thats what matters most.

Went out for a run yesterday morning, hill sprints included. My calves were so sore! Last night I slept for about 12 hours and woke up feeling icky, despite hardly drinking yesterday. I figured I should do something this afternoon though, once I was feeling alive again.So I walked down to the pool, and did whatever the aquatic equivalent of dawdling is... at least it got my muscles moving a bit!

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