12 February 2010

Char Char Bull and San Churro

So on wednesday night we went for dinner at Char Char Bull in Freo.
Its a steak house down on the seafront, fighting for space with all the seafood places.

First we went for a quick half in Little Creatures, because thats what you've got to do when you're in Freo and have any time to spare! So after a drop of the Rogers (my favourite, followed by the pale, then trailing far behing is the pils and the Pipsqueak. Cider should be made of apples, not just vaguely taste like it saw one once) we went to the restaurant.

All was quite quiet when we arrived (6.30 reservation, because I'm always fammished by then) so there was a bit of sniggering along the lines of "good job we booked tee hee".

The menu was pretty decent for a steak house.
The Boy was always going to have the surf and turf, piled high with garlic sauce :)
I was torn between the pork:
Pork rib eye (300 gms), on the bone,
served on bubble & squeak,
with cinnamon spiced apple sauce,
crackling & red wine jus
And the Quail:
Golden roasted quail stuffed with
porcini muchroom & nut farce,
served with bacon, peas,
wilted cos in chicken broth
And the Kangaroo:
Kangaroo fillet, spiced & served pink
on potato mash, with
plim, apple & star anise compote & red wine jus

But went for the Quail, becuase I've never had it before and I would never dare cook it!
It was lovely.
And the steak was perfect. Thick and juicy and cooked to perfection.
And buy about 7:30 the place was packed, even on a wednesday night, so I was very glad I booked so we could have the romantic table in the corner looking out over all the fishing boats and watching the sky change colour.

We looked at their dessert menu, but nothing really jumped out. Maybe thats because I had my mind on the donut and chocolate place. My work mate reminded me of the existance of San Churro when I said we were headed to Freo, and we walked past it on the way to the seafront.

I nearly died in melted chocolate deep fried heaven.
6 Churros and 2 pots of melted couverture chocolate (milk and dark).
Life is for living, right?

In other news, I booked in for a DEXA scan on monday.
I'm intruiged but scared!

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