20 December 2012

Meet Wonky Wilma II - or is it William?

I finished my second Wilma
Though I think this one is a William...
He is made in a much more grown up colour way and all ready to go and meet his new owner on Christmas Eve.

Did I mention that Wilma gave a walking tour of Perth?

He is a lot more sturdy, though despite having thicker fabric and heaps more stuffing, he still has some weak points that developed after a few days. He stands up well on her own though. His ears are a bit different  as I was doing the cutting outside and the wind blew the piece away. Maybe thats why cutting is generally done indoors ;) So I just guessed...

The fabric was a pain to work with- thick threads and loosely woven. I used fray stop on the edges of key pieces, which made things easier. I do love the fabric though, and in my favourite colour combination!

I used the selvedge to make a little stubby tail:

Fabric was $1 from the Salvos,
Pattern... charity donation.


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