09 December 2012

Christmas Stocking stuffers

I made stockings :) Getting presents in stockings seems much nicer than just unwrapping cheapo paper and throwing it away. These were so quick to sew too. There are tutorials all over the web, so I won't go into detail.
I just cut out a rough fat sock shape with pinking shears, sewed them together with a small seam allowance, and sewed a white band to the top which hid most of the seams. For an extra touch I'm writing each persons name on the top. If I wanted these to be heirlooms for kids to use year after year I would finish the seams nicely, but these are task appropriate!

It took about an hour to make 9 of these start to finish, and they're made from some fabric I bought a few years ago that has just sat in my stash because it doesn't fit with our colour scheme anymore. (free? no recent expenditure any way!)

With the scraps I made some christmas-y flowers to add to some of the stockings as little extra presents. The flowers are very quick and easy. There are tutes all over the web for these as well, but basically they are circles folded into quarters (top flower) or half (bottom flower) then gathered along the cut edge to form each petal, finished with some stitches to hold it together, add a button on the front and an attachment method on the back (these are hair bands, but I have similar ones as head bands, broaches and rings)

How cute is the gingerbread lady button :)

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