11 December 2012

All I want for christmas is...

On offer at Lincraft.- half price! I kind of know that Santa will be bringing me one of these because its already sat in my garage waiting to be wrapped. 
Welcome to the world of grown-up christmas: Buy the present from your husband, wrap it yourself and put it under the tree :D

I also asked Santa for a binding foot. Just to add to the collection.

I love the IceAge movies, but we rarely actually go to the cinema.
Iceage 4 was on my birthday list, but it hadn't actually been released then, s
o now hopefully Santa will bring it.

I loved this fabric from the first time I set eyes on it back in October. But I can't find any of it here in Australia. I was thinking it would be a great fabric to make some stockings for the girls.
Kind of like these I spied when I was searching for a picture, made by Quirkie Craft
Maybe I'll order some ready for next year... because they are just too cool!

Whats on your list?


  1. Love those stockings!!! My bestie wld love one - will have to look out for the fabric for next year :)

  2. I ordered some of the white version from America. Prefer this one but it had sold out. Might have to sew a few while I'm still in the christmas spirit, or they will end up rushed and late as usual!


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