27 November 2012

The Making of Wonky Wilma

Because a girl never has the right fabric in her stash, I ordered some funky Robert Kaufman cotton for my very first Wilma, using the pattern sold to raise money for Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. I figured some quilting cotton would be stiff enough to hold its shape, 100% cotton for softness, but not be too bulky for all that fiddlyness!

It turns out it wasn't as fiddly as I thought it would be. Getting the tummy section to sit nicely under the head took a bit of time, and the feet were easy but fiddly, if that makes sense. I just had to take my time.

I read the instructions, since I had no idea where to start, but didn't follow them to the letter.
I box pleated the ears instead of gathering them, as it seemed to work best with my fabric and give a cute ear-hole look.

Then I sewed the belly to the body all the way apart from the bum section, and sewed around the rest if the body up to the bum too.
Then I inserted the feet. They're not all circular, but they are all round, so I'll take it!

She was starting to look like a hefalump!
I turned her out and started stuffing, using the remnants of a cushion. Follow the suggestions and make sure the top of the legs (hips and shoulders) are well stuffed- I thought I did, but looking at her now she needed more. Then I hand stitched the rear, leaving off the tail as I didn't have anything suitable. I might make her one out of embroidery floss some time...

Ever heard the story of the blind men and the elephant? 

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