13 November 2012

Il Veccio Drappiere- Milan Fabric Shopping 4

The Old Drapery...

A very formal looking shop filled with some very nice tayloring fabrics- wool for coats, suits and trousers, tweed, and lots more.

It was a bit scary for me though, so I didn't actually go inside. Its formallity was too much for my cold ridden self to want to attempt, especially as I know there would be no purchases made.
If its your kind of thing though, it looked like it would be great!
Their harris tweed was 29 euro a meter.

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Il Veccio Drappiere
Via Meravigli, 16
20123 Milano
Tel. 02 866634

Opening times are usual Milan ones I believe- closed Sundays and monday morning, and for a couple of hours at lunchtme.

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