11 November 2012

The Early Summer Garden

The post that gets the most hits on this blog is about the garden. I have no idea why! 
But I got back from Italy to see that summer has hit and its all in bloom.
Its amazing to see the changes over the last 6 months!

From when we planted it:

To now:

The kangaroo paws are huge, and the water lily came out of hibernation.

And if the kangaroo paws in the back weren't big enough for you, you need to see the ones in the front! Its their second season, and they are easily 2m high. They were flopping all over the garden, so I restrained them with some wire, so you can actually get in!

And I had a spending spree with solar lights, and hung icicle lights behind the screen at the far end of the garden, so you can't see them in daylight but at night it had a pretty twinkle. 
There are now a second set below, so the whole wall lights up!

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