05 March 2010

So sleepy!

I am sooo tired!

I had a really fun break, but it involved lots of late nights (well, 4 in a row). And now I'm back up on site I'm struggling to turn off early enough to get enough sleep in. My alarm goes off at 4 every morning and I slowly wake up, get dressed and stumble out at 4:30, grab breakfast and lunch from the dining room/dry mess and carry on up to work for 5.

Which is normally OK, but I havn't been getting to sleep til after 10 so I just end up really tired all day.
Productivity is low.
Interest is low.
Care factor is low.
Mojo is gone!
I have a program on my phone that moniters my sleep pattern, and while I don't believe it 100%, its pretty interesting reading. My average sleep for the last few days has been less than 6 hours, and I spent most of that tossing and turning.

Last night I managed 1km on the treadie before giving up due to a stich. Which is pretty feeble. ANd I know that I'm only just finding my stride after 1km, and after than all problems work themselves out. But I just had no interest and no strength to carry on.

Plan tonight is to go for a swim after work, have tea that doesnt involve chips (its fush and chups friday!) and get to bed by 7:30. Even if I'm just lying in bed reading, I'm more likely to fall asleep than if I'm sat at the computer or watching TV.

I need to be doing more training if I'm going to get the HM done in August, and I want to be fresh for Melbourne, and I'm generally fed up of feeling weak and weary. So I will focus on my sleep for a few days and hope things improve!


  1. Maybe you might want a rest if your sleeping patterns are crappy. I found that just two days off the exercise was enough for my body to recover and I was back to best.

    It'd be no fun if you had to continue like this for a few weeks :(

  2. Or you can just wear yourself out. I find after a couple of days the early mornings catch up with me and then add some exercise and fresh air and I'll asleep nice and early. Stay off the caffine, drink lots of water and clean food :)

  3. I went for the rest... Tonight at least.
    My head aches and I felt pretty woozy walking home. To the point of wondering who else uses the track and if they would find me!

    Night night!


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