06 March 2010

The day after the night before

Well, I was in bed at 8, fell asleep not long later, woke up at 10:30, and again at 3 (looked at the clock and smugly snuggled back under the covers for the remaining hour!)

Felt better this morning but still not right... Tried going caffeine free, but my lemon tea just made me feel ill.
So one cup of weak coffee is my limit today, tomorrow should be fine with none (driving day), same monday (busy day) and tuesday (home and busy). Might be tempted by proper Melbourne coffee on Wednesday though!

My caffeine addiction is purely psycological I think, so we shall see. 

I sleep so well out bush. I'll happily tuck myself into my swag at 7:30 when its dark and cold already, be asleep straight away and sleep soundly til the sun or the drillers reversing alarm wakes me up. Often 10 hours later. But I guess then I'm busy for the remaining 14, running around after the drill rig or the heritage mob or mapping or whatever., then doing follow up work and cooking.

Not long to go now!
Then all I'll do is complain about how much I miss being in the office :) 

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