03 March 2010

Melbourne :)

So, finally, I'm going to Melbourne.
It was never high on my list of places to visit, it just didnt have as much WOW factor as visiting the Bondi Beach Rescue hut (love that show), swimming on the Barrier Reef (thats my Dad, BTW), or seeing Uluru.

But the more I look into it, the more Melbourne does have to offer. We've been planning a trip around now for months, but work has been so up in the air we havn't been able to book anything. But I decided yesterday that we should just go. Just for a few days. I found some reasonable flights (nowhere in Aus is cheep to fly to from Perth!) so we're going next week! Tuesday night to Sunday.

I want to:

  1. Visit the Queen Victoria Markets.

  2. Cruise around on a tram. Though I had this romantic image of old rackety trams, not posh new style ones like in Manchester... Hmmm...

  3. Visit Ramsay Street- I used to love Neighbours back home. My Gran first got me hooked when I was small when she'd look after me after school. I never watch it now because the times are bad (its on at about 4:30 on country TV, I work til at least 5, and country TV is behind Metro TV so there is no consistancy even when I do get a chance to watch.

  4. See Penguins, probably at Phillip Island.

  5. Go to the Zoo and Botanical Gardens

  6. Tour Parliment. It looks pretty and its free.

  7. Eat good food and people watch at trendy cafes.

  8. Shop in trendy shops which dont exist in Perth.

  9. Go to the Casino.

  10. Find an excuse to wear my new dress.
Did I miss anything?

Any suggestions of good food and/or good shopping?


  1. Wow, the picture of the fish is amazing. And the city scape looks really good.

    It would be good to see Ramsay Street, as I used to watch it when I was younger. I remember how shocked I was when my sister once went to Australia, and said how the TV program was months ahead there.

  2. City scape is s'posed to be the view from our hotel! We shall see.


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