01 January 2013

New Year Goals

Is it bad that right now I'm looking forward to the new year just because the current heat wave is set to break, and definitely by wednesday. While I used to work in this kind of heat all the time, my body has adapted back to Perth and the past 7 days have been over 37oC - unheard of in Perth since 1942. At the time of writing (on NYE...) its currently 41.5oC. I'm so glad we have awesome aircon, but still. It zaps your energy to do anything. But anyway:

5 Sewing goals for the new year... hmmm... Welcome to the conversation thats going on in my head :D
  1. Sew for the person you want to be. You said this before, at the end of Me-Made-May, and while you have generally followed through, there havn't been too many clothes since. So its top of the list for this year. No more dressing like a toddler. If its a crazy print or loud colour combination, think about whether you will actually wear it...
  2. Take part in MMM and OWOP (if it happen again). Perfect test for your homemade wardrobe. The rest of this goal shall emerge from the realisations that occur during these kinds of challenges!
  3. Go beyond your comfort zone. Sure, sorbettoes are quick and easy, and you do wear them, but try some new styles. And new items. 2013 should include at least 
    • 1 Pair of shorts/trousers (NOT PJs- I'm thinking of pulling a pair of cheapo ones that fit me nicely apart and to see how theyre constructed and then trace the pieces.) 
    • 1 coat/jacket
    • 1 set of undies (already have the elastic and the old tshirts. No excuses).
  4. More separates. Dresses are cute. You're wearing one now, but during the other 3 quarters of the year you generally don't. More separates!
  5. Less is more- join the slow sewing movement and make sure that you're proud of what you are making. Sure, there will be exceptions (like that print that you *need* to be wearing this afternoon) but in general this year should be about learning and finishing, not about forcing out new clothes because you can.
I just raided my stash and my Colette sewing book that I received for my birthday and I think the first project of the new year will be a meringue skirt in a funky bird print. I think the grown up pencil skirt (maybe without scallops for now) will offset the crazy pattern. 

Away from sewing, my thought for 2013 will be:


  1. They sound like great goals (I don't understand all of them as a new sewing-blogger, but I get the general gist) - my sewing goals last year read like a huge to-do list, love that you've thought able what you want to achieve from your sewing - & the happiness quote, oh yes!

  2. Great achievable goals for 2013! I feel for you with the heat - Brisbane has 'cooled' down somewhat, but the heat is heading back up next week. Off to have a little peek around your blog...J


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