27 January 2013

Australia Day 2013

Australia Day started early, playing at the local Australia Day Ceremony - a big citizenship ceremony and the  "Local Australian of the Year" awards, with lots of music and fun and games. It is where we hoped we would become Australian last year, but our application was approved too late so we missed out on the fun!

In the afternoon, we had some people around for a BBQ. There is a push to finally do away with the adage "throw another shrimp on the barbie", since we don't call them shrimp and its rare to BBQ prawns anyway! So the suggestion is to "throw another steak on the barbie", which is exactly what we did.

And I made Green and Gold cake with lime icing- the colours of Australian sport, based on the Wattle- our national flower.

I forced my over-enthusiasm onto everyone, even poor Nixon!

In the evening we headed down to the Skyworks, and managed to get much further around the foreshore than previously, so we had a great view!
This year they ran a vote to choose some of the fireworks, so may I introduce Koala Fireworks!:

We recorded some of the fireworks- take a look at how awesome shaped fireworks are!
From around 50s - 1m20s.

We took the obligatory "Australia Day Foreshore" photo to add to the collection:

And had a nice evening walk back home.
Here are some more of the fireworks:


  1. Looks like a super Aussie Day was had by all down your way! I also prefer the old steak, or snag, on the BBQ to the prawn. Up here today was marked once again by the rain - Brissie had a touch of a severe weather warning - enough to put out the Barbie and send us all indoors...J

  2. Yup, we were lucky enough to miss the extremes this year! Hope you enjoyed your day anyway!


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