18 January 2013

A(nother) Ruffle Sorbetto

So I've had this in mind for a while, but never quite got around to it! Strange, huh! But now I've got a bit of  a break I'm getting so many of those planned things done, finally!

So... introducing yet another Sorbetto. 2 inches longer, no pleat, and I think I finally figured out the bust dart thing- this one is about an inch and a half lower than the pattern suggests and points pretty much exactly along the bust line. Apologies for the wrinkles- Its really comfy so I've had it on all day! And trust the photo to show me the threads I missed!

The fabric is a light and breezy lawn in nice muted colours, so I though a nice light and breezy ruffle would go nicely. Instead of an "in your face" gathered ruffle, I went for a more subtle flounce using a circular strip of material. Two, in fact, if we're being picky, sewn together to make an extra long flouncy strip. The circles were 17cm outer radius and 10cm inner radius, giving a 7cm wide "O", and they have been finished on the outer edge by simple zig zag stitching- I'm keen to have them fray a little, and the stitched will allow a little unravelling without the whole thing falling to pieces!

I pinned the mega-circle flounce at centre back and centre front, then along the back of the neck to the shoulders. I then draped the rest of the pleats in by eye whit it on my dress form (love! so much easier to see how it will actually look.). I still need to tack it down in a few key spots as it catches the wind and blows all over the place.

This was then neaten up with self bias tape around the neck and arms (spot the boo-boo?) and all the seams are french. The hem is probably my best attempt yet at using my narrow rolled hem foot, though its still a little wavy!

All up I'm delighted with this one- loose but not baggy, perfect for the heat and just the right level of girly.

Doggie photo bomb!
I'm surprised he could drag himself off the chair:


  1. Love the idea of a ruffle around a Sorbetto - it looks great on you! ....J

  2. This is so sweet. Love it on you! The ruffle is brilliant. Doggie photo bomb is priceless.

  3. That ruffle is genius! The fabric choice really sets it off! And may I say tiny dog in pictures = best photo bomb ever!

  4. Haha. If only the dog was tiny! He's a 20kg needy lap-kelpie! Good job he is so cute ;)


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