21 January 2013

Damn it, Janet...

We're off to see:

And I'm excited. I love Rocky. The first time I went I was 14... afore mentioned bestie and I went dressed as 14 year olds just shouldn't be dressed, accompanied by my mum dressed as a nun with red glitter shoes. We took the train to get there. Then walked through the city. I think the trendy thing to say now is "YOLO"!

We went again for my mothers 50th birthday. This time I was a slightly more appropriate 17, but dressed slightly less inappropriately.

We went again a few years ago when it came to Syndey, and I hate to admit we didn't dress up at all! It was just The Boy and I, and he'd never been before. It was great to go with a virgin. He'd never even seen the movie, never mind experienced the atmosphere and audience participa------tion of a stage production. It was almost as much fun watching his reactions as it was watching the stage!

And slightly less few years ago we went to see it at the outdoor cinema. We didn't dress up. I didn't think people would. Perth is quiet a reserved city, at least on the surface, so I was very happy to see people in the middle of the park in 6 inch heels, fishnets and basques. And that was just the men.

This year we're going again. I'm dragging anyone I can get interested, and dressing up regardless of whether they do. Its been too long! But I'm not feeling the basque and high heels look. I thought about being Magenta, but everyone goes as Magenta. French maid outfit plus big hair:
While I've always wanted to try Columbia, I'm just not feeling it this year. But just imagine the possibilities- gold sequinned fabric jacket and ribbon embellished shorts. big bow tie and cheapo party hat.

But this year I'm thinking I will try and get the Boy to dress up too, and I think the easiest way to do that will be to take away all erotica from the outfit. And how much fun will it be to make a pretty pink 50s dress?!

I may have to work hard combing the op-shops for a jacket like that. Maybe I'll give up and attempt to make one. But I think as long as he has that preppy look we'll be good to go.

As for me... I bought some baby pink poplin at Spotlight. Its in the wash in preparation.
I'm thinking a plain-ish bodice (coffee-date?), with a sorbetto style pleat to make a fake button placket, simple collar, maybe some little sleeves, maybe sleeveless, and 1/2 circle skirt. 
I need to find a white cardigan, and a white belt. I swear spottie has always had them, but not today. I have my six white buttons. Accessories will include a hair clip made from shrinking plastic. *Light bulb moment* maybe I could make my own buckle with the shrinking plastic. Its not like it needs to survive every day wear and tear... plain white pumps and a bag made of the scraps of the dress lining.
I might even try for a Janet necklace, but that might be a step too far!

Oh yes.


  1. Sounds like fun! Hope you post a pic up of what you end up making:)

  2. This is too cool. I have many great memories of Rocky Horror. When are you going? Can't wait to see pics.


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