06 January 2013

Colette Meringue ~ Ikat stylee

My parents bought me the Colette Sewing Handbook for my birthday back in November, but this is the first time I've got around to trying something. I didn't want to cut the pattern sheet, so I found some tissue paper to trace it (most of my patterns so far have been the print and stick variety, or traceable on grease proof).

I've had this fabric for at least a year. Its a cotton sateen(?) with a bit of stretch that I bought from the Spotlight clearance. Its been earmarked for a dress, but since my aim is to make more separates I figured why not. And I think it would be a very over powering dress! I know I said I would make it out of birdie print, but I wanted to try the pattern out first.

Bright, yes?!

I'm pretty happy with it, though I think I should have cut a few sizes smaller :) I remember looking at the measurements and deciding on a 10, but then I lost confidence and cut a 12. Probably will re-trace an 8 given how much I took off, even given the stretch. In order not to mess up the scallops too much I graded back out to the original hem line, so the end result has a a bit more volume to it than I would like- more A-line than straight

And the inside. Invisible zipper with facing. Inexpertly applied but not bad for a first time! All the seams are pressed open and pinked, and the facings are pinked. Both the facings are cut against the stretch to keep the fit, and the waist facing is sewn in by stitching in the ditch of the seams and darts, while the hem facing is help up by the iron-on hem stuff. I know, but the idea of hand stitching the hem on a (wearable) muslin  was a little too much!

The scallops came out very smoothly, if a little asymmetrical- definitely happy with those. 


  1. Haha I just bought that fabric yesterday from Spotlight on clearance too! got the last 1.5m on the roll! Im thinking a skirt too. Yours is great... the scallops look perfect !

  2. Love this skirt, especially with this fabric. The stretch cotton sateen that Spotlight has in stock at the moment is great for skirts. From the pictures your scallops have come out perfectly...J

  3. Thanks ladies :) We were just saying this afternoon how Spotlight has been improving their dress fabric range quite significantly. I'm thinking the next move is the birdie one minus the scallops, and a black moleskin (fake!) one with scallops.

    First stop will be re-tracing though... so it might take a while!

  4. The scallops look really good. It sounds like maybe the Colette patterns run large (?). I haven't tried any yet, but if you could have gone down two sizes...I think I have heard others say that too. Thanks for the review!

  5. Love this to death!! Is it okay if I steal this idea?? I have some cool ikat and have yet to make anything from the Colette book, and this is a lovely combination. Truly beautiful.

    1. Feel free :D I thought it might be a bit bright, but with a plain white T I actually feel quite good in it.


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