15 May 2012

Blue Ruffle Sorbetto

Yes, another sorbetto!
This time, no pleat, length extended and an asymmetrical ruffle.

This is made from the left overs of the blue poplin from the Caterpillar dress. I didn't quite have enough fabric, so this one is a little snug, and its really brought to my attention the dart placement. (and the bad quality of my sewing of them)

Should it be lower? It feels wrong... I'm Aussie 10 ish, wearing a 10dd/12D depending on cut and brand. so I know I should be making some alterations to fit around them ;) But it seems so complicated!

Any ideas?


  1. Cute top - I love the ruffle! Yes, I think the dart should be lower. It should point to the fullest part of your bust, but stop 1 - 2 inches away from that point. Here's another link that might help http://www.afashionablestitch.com/2012/sewing/how-to-move-a-dart/

  2. Thanks! I'll look into it before starting the next one :D

  3. wow you seem to have made a number of sorbettos! i love the ruffle detail in this one .I too made a sorbetto.. its simple and quick isnt it ;)

    1. Yes, I've made lots! Its such an easy pattern to transform into other things.
      I've got more in the works, made from the basic block.


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