01 May 2012

1st of Me Made May!

Its May! 
So here is my first outfit. Fittingly, one of the first things I ever made. 
A cowl neck tunic with huuuge sleeves. Theyre really badly sewn on to the cuffs, but generally you can't see that because they generally fall inside the sleeve drape. I love the floaty-ness! They were a bit too big at the shoulder originally, so I added the pleat and button just off the shoulder to get the shape I wanted.
All self drafted using a tunic I had, the burda cowl neck tutorial and my imagination.
I wore silver flipflops when I was out, but rarely wear shoes around the house.

Today we bought a fish tank for our pond fish. We were struggling to keep them happy in our tiny little pond, and were missing out on actually seeing them. So we took the plunge and bought a big 3 foot long tank, which will house our two goldies for now, and some more in the future :)

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