02 May 2012

May 2nd - Fish Day

Today we sadly lost one of our fish. She'd been looking under the weather for a while, and today she looked much worse. We'd been searching the net for symptoms; at first we thought it was ammonia poisoning, which is why we had bought the new tank so we had much better ability to control their water quality. Today it looked like she had an infection.
We went out to the store to buy some medicine but by the time we got back she was hardly breathing and floating on her side, so the boy put her out of her misery. Its for the best, but I couldn't do it myself, and cried a little. We burried her in the garden next to her pond. I feel we let her down, but the new set up is huge- much bigger and better filtered than their little outdoor pond, so I think we'll be much better off in future. We can see them better, and detect issues earlier, plus we now have a huge host of water tests and treatments to keep on top of any future "under the weather-ness"
RIP Topaz.

But, we did get some new playmates for Amber, the one left behind. We're still cycling up tank, and will hopefully end up with maybe 6 goldfish in our 85l tank, maybe with some darios once I find some big enough not to be eaten! but today we got two more gold fish, a small yellow comet called Citrine (Trinny for short) and a slightly bigger orange and silver one called Molybdenum (Molly). So far they've all been names after minerals they resemble, but Molly looks like a fish I had as a child in our outdoor pond, and molybdenum is silver, and she's a bit silver... Its a stretch, but it kind of works!
They're loving the tank. Amber is much more active than she was outside, and the three of them seem to get a long really well.

So, todays outfit was fish themed. Whales and jean shorts:
I'm off to Italy tonight for a week or so (crazy life of a phd student) so I'll be offline. I've got some tshirts that I embellished or re-made from mens shirts, plus a skirt I made and a fleecy jumper made using the sorbetto pattern, plus some home made hair clips ;)
Oh, and home made PJs. 
Only time will tell how I go!
See you on the other side.

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