09 January 2013


Last Sunday 5 of the Perth Burdastyle Sewing Club headed out to the "UnVeiled: 200 years of wedding glamour" exhibit at the museum:
Relive 200 years of romance and glamour with this dramatic collection of wedding fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. This exhibition traces the development of the fashionable white wedding dress and shows how both brides and designers have stamped their own style on tradition. It considers the influence of the wedding industry, the effect of the increasing media focus on wedding fashions, and the excitement generated by society and celebrity weddings.The exhibition features 65 wedding outfits and accessories of both brides and bridegrooms. The range of accessories includes veils, hats, shoes, wreaths, and lingerie.
Some people (the Boy) might question the values of an exhibit such as this, but for those of us with an interest in dress design and construction it was really interesting. Some of the older dresses were quite surreal, with intricate pleats and ruffles and lace appliqu├ęs mixed with origami-esque sleeves and huge bustles, moving through some sexing early 20th century numbers, through to modern celebrity fashions such as the purple Dita vonTease dress and Gwen Stefanis pink dip-dye dress.

My favourite early dress was this one, from 1841. The fabric looks like a pair of crazy 80s curtains, with a strange molecular pattern, despite the fact that molecules were only just being accepted as real. Check out those sleeves!

(Picture from the VandA archives)

My favourite-est dress was this beauty by Aida Woolf from 1914. I love everything about it. The delicate beading, the dolman sleeves, the waist detail, the three layered skirt with different textures... I'm not so keen on the train, but that's separate anyway!

(Picture from the VandA archives)

And an honourable mention must go to Monica Morris, who chose to wear this very trendy red number in 1948. Until 1978 she was the only female member of the Association of Mining Electrical Engineers, and her hobbies included racing cars and flying. Go Monica!  
(Picture from the VandA archives)

The whole archives are here if you're interested.
We had a great day out and got lots of inspiration for future projects!

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  1. Inspiration for future projects - can't wait to see what you have planned!!!


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