01 February 2013

Bits and Bobs

Quite a lot of sewing going on here.

For my Janet Dress, I've ended up using a princess seamed bodice pattern (B4443) rather than a darted dress so I could add the white contrast more easily. The real Janet dress has full length sleeves. But not in Perth in Summer!

The fabric was $4 a meter, so the whole fully lined dress will probably come in at less than $20. I still need to find a white cardigan though :S

I don't think I will be able to find the Boy a jacket for his Brad, though I did manage to find some pants and glasses at the Salvos that will be perfect. I bought some tan cotton sateen from Homecraft Textiles and also spotted the Colette Negroni pattern for half price, so bought that with hopes of using it to make the Boy a shirt for his birthday (he never wears shirts, but I fancy the challenge) and maybe using it to base the jacket from. It arrived super quick and looking very pretty:

I also finally got around to making the cushion for the basket chair in my little retreat. I've had the fabric for ever, and always planned to make it kind of crazy patchwork with some solid blue. That always seemed a little complex, so I never actually did it. Lucky I didn't, because I've since found that the solid blue fades really easily in the sun, while the print seems to be holding up quite well. It took about 2 hours all up, including 5 buttonholes down the back so I can wash it easily, and covering the HUGE button on the front.
Totally should have done it ages ago. It looks so much better than the duvet cover  it came with (off gumtree) or just throwing a blanket over!

And last but not least I sewed up the bag that came with "SEW" by Kath Kidson (a present from my MIL). I added a full lining in white poly-cotton poplin (the lining of the Janet dress) and a key strap because no matter how small a bag is I still always manage to lose my keys.

I quite like the look of it, and its a great size. The only downside is that I'm not really into the shabby-chic look so it goes with nothing in my wardrobe. I have some dinosaur canvas/cotton duck, maybe I will try another in that!


  1. Interested to hear how the Negroni goes, and love that big egg chair cushion. Very comfy!

  2. You have been busy!!! Also love the chair cushion...J

  3. Making the most of some down time! Gonna trace the Negroni tomorrow. Not sure I'll get one made by his birthday but we'll see.

  4. Wow! You have been on a roll! I absolutely adore your chair cover- it looks rad!

  5. I look forward to seeng your finished dress! And I agree, that chair cover is really nice.


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