02 February 2013

I think its time to admit I have a problem...

My local Op-Shop sell fabric for $1 per piece, regardless of piece length.

Its getting bad.

Just today, I grabbed 4 remnants- the ones on the right. I only went in to see if they had any knitwear. The other four are recent purchases.

The rest is recent haul. The red is cotton stretch sateen, about 1.5m and really wide. I'm hoping to manage a princess seam dress from it. Because every girl needs a red dress, right?

The frogs are flannel, perfect for baby clothes or maybe some new me PJs. or both. There is plenty.

The pink with the roses was a steal, one of those moments where you feel you should force them to take more money... Its stretch sateen, >2.5m of it. I'm not sure if that dusky rose will suit me, but I'm willing to give it a try for a dollar. I did think I could maybe try dying to too, because I love those roses.

The green is aweome, but I have no idea what to do with it. I thought  it was silk, and from the results of the burn tests I'm nearly sure it is. But its lime green...

The flimsy synthetics I chose for their pretty large scale floral prints, especially the blue one. Its sooo pretty! I'm thinking the top from the colette book for them, to maximise the pretty print.

Do you have a place that makes it that bit too easy to add to the stash?
or how about an idea for what to use some of this fabric for?!


  1. Wahhhhhh.... love them!!!! wish i can find hauls like yours where we're at now... anyways, the lime green might make a great short skirt, lined of course to make it even nicer. might be a bit too much too near the face but a skirt will be okay...

  2. I wish I had a place to find fabrics for $1...but still I manage to add to my stash anyway. I'm about to make a red dress myself from some stash fabric. And I agree, that lime green would make a nice skirt.


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