18 February 2013

MadMen 2

Did you see my little button on the side bar?


I totally missed it last year. I have to admit I hadn't even watched an episode this time last year! Part of the issue with working away is that you miss a lot of the trends...

But this year I'm bang up to date!

I love challenging my creativity to make dresses- like the caterpillar dress and my Brad and Janet outfits
But unlike those I want it to be wearable too.

So which dress, you ask?

I'm thinking this Betty dress, from way back in series 2:

Classic shirt dress, subtle collar, puffy sleeves.
Might have to bring the length up a bit and take out some of those many many gathers to make it a bit more wearable.
Just my colour, too.

I won a 70s shirt dress pattern in a SewGrateful week giveaway, so I might give that a try. Otherwise I might try and draft something up myself.

And the fabric?
Some of this is currently winging its way to me from America:

Amy Butler Cameo Voile Josephine's Bouquet Ink

I'm hoping the voile has enough body to stand up to this. 
I'll probably line most of it anyway, so fingers crossed!

Watch this space :D


  1. Hi, I don't know if you got my email but you also won McCall’s 9072, the jackets, trousers, shorts and culottes, in my giveaway. It's all packaged up and ready to post, just waiting for your address. Could you email it to me at amazingtaracat AT yahoo DOT co Dot uk ?
    I've just signed up for the Mad Men 2 challenge as well - there were some amazing dresses last year.

  2. Beautiful fabric choice. Can't wait to see what you make. I just got my fabric the other day, and am working through my patterns to find the perfect (or at least acceptable) look. Should be fun.


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