05 February 2013

How you helped me learn to sew and made the world a nicer place

Today is all about reflecting on the things in our life that we are "Sew Grateful" for:

I learnt my way around a sewing machine at school- I did textiles as a GCSE, but we did more practical/home dec sewing than clothing sewing. I made a kids educational toy and a wall hanging storage thing with lots of different style of pockets. So I knew how to make the machine work, but the idea of sewing my own clothes was still alien.

As the years progressed there were lots of costume parties that maybe involved some refashioning, but then I was a bridesmaid for a friend and my contribution to the burlesque themed hen night was her outfit. I bought my first cheapo sewing machine, googled and googled, and decided we needed ruffle skirts.

My first real experience of the generosity of the sewing community - An awesome tutorial for making burlesque skirts, freely available to help novices like me. Some nice person (Becca K) had spent time putting together a tutorial. At the time I didn't realise how much work this must have involved. But I was grateful to have this guide to help me.

Buoyed up on this experience, I dabbled with some other projects to get my hand back in, like Made-By-Raes Buttercup bag and many pairs of PJs from the wonderful tutorials out there.

Time passed. 

Life moved on.

The Boy proposed :D
No... I didn't make a wedding dress.
But it did spur me on to make a dress-

For our fun and games engagement/residency/birthday party...
My first experience of darts and fitting and zips and facing.
All well explained by Elaine and the Burda technique pages.
And I haven't looked back.

So thanks to all of you for:

The resources that people put out there for free.
And the time they spend doing it.

The good work that you put your sewing to, like Project Linus or the money raised by Wonky Wilma.

The comments, criticisms, ideas and suggestions that are left on blogs, forums, flikr groups and Burdastyle.

The challenges and sewalongs that help us to push our boundaries.

The sewing-types that I've had the pleasure to get to know in real life. Its so nice to talk sewing with people who don't just look at you funny and raise eyebrows.

Helping me learn new skills and keeping my brain and my fingers busy!


  1. That's a nice reminder. The sewing community is a pretty cool place :)

  2. What a positive and cheery Gratefulness blog! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Fantastic post!! I loved reading about your sewing journey!!


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