06 February 2013

Sew Grateful Freebie - Pin-Up Apron

Do you remember the hot apron I made?
Well, I immortalised the pattern and here it is for you to make your own!

You can download the pattern from here

It goes together pretty easily. I didn't take photos while I was making it, but I'll go through the steps.
A little boring maybe, but it should come together quite easily. The only weird thing is the pattern lay out- there are three portrait pages (match the numbers), and one horizontal which fits underneath (match the letters)
  1. Cut out fabric- You'll need one front piece, one back piece, two for the main waist band (these can be the same as the rest or contrasting, and you can chose the sweet heart shape or just straight), and four rectangles 7.5cm x width of your fabric (for easy tying). These can be as long or short as you want really, as long as you can tie them!
  2. Interface the waistband pieces. 
  3. Sew one waist band piece to each front and back piece. Hmmm. Probably have put some notches on. The base of the wasitband goes along the shortest curve of the main apron! You might find it easiest to not pin this, and instead sew slowly and keep adjusting the fabric so that the straight waistband sits nicely against the curved apron top.
  4. Put the font and back pieces right-side together and sew across the top (carefully following the sweetheart shape, and around the main apron panel  leaving the sides of the waist band open to allow turning out and insertion of waist ties.
    If you're adding trim, this is when you should add it! I find it easiest to baste the trim onto the edge of the right side of the back panel  so that the edge you want sticking out is on the inner most edge (i.e. not sticking out yet). Then place the front panel on top, right sides together- you shouldn't be able to see any trim!
  5. Clip the seam allowance and then turn out through one side of the waist band. Ease any curves out by rolling with your fingers and then pressing. You might need to use a blunt pencil, small crochet hook/point turner to make the most of the sweat heart waist band.
  6. Sew up ties- place two long thin rectangles rightside together, and sew along 3 sides. You can shape the end of the ties if you wish, I do! Then clip the corners, turn out and press.
  7. Fold under the seam allowance on the waistband, insert the raw end of one tie in each side and sew in place. There should be no raw edges visible, they should all be inside the apron.
  8. Top stitch along waistband and out along ties. 

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  1. Awesome pattern! Thanks for sharing! I'm adding this to my Sew Free Project! More details about that on my blog, if you're interested :)


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