31 December 2012

Lessons Learned and Inspiration

I'm not sure I'm going to have these as a top 5... more just some reflections and a shout out to my favourite bloggers...

Reflections on the last year:

So.. 2012 was the year that I really started sewing clothes with the idea of wearing them out of the house every day. I've made lots of PJs, and lots of fancy dress, but up until this year I rarely sewed straight up clothes. I joined in with Me-Made-May for the first time, and that showed that most of what I've made I didn't wear much. I do wear more dresses than I used to (living in Australian does that to you) but I don't wear them daily. So next year will be more separates- tops, skirts, trousers and short. And from looking at my misses list, in less bright colour combinations.

I said that this year I would focus more on the internal finishing. Thats been a bit hit and miss. Though probably more miss than hit, though there have been plenty of french seams and nicely lined dresses. 

I've loved learning new skills this year, things like binding openings and invisible zippers, and I think the quality of what I've been producing has slowly been going up when I want to apply them. However quite often I get impatient and want to make the dress thats in my head *now* and that all does out the window. BAD!

I've quite enjoyed the non clothing crafting too. The wilmas and bags and pouches. And learning to crochet, though still not an established skill, has opened up new windows too.


Bimble and Pimble - Always reliable to produce witty blog posts about the kind of clothes that I would love to be making!

Sew Hopefull - Always such beautifully made clothes in a style she pulls of so well!

Dinosaur Girl Fashion - Coming to you all the way from Israel, Kessem makes some wonderful clothes which would be perfect for my ideas of sewing the person I want to be.

HandmadeByCarolyn - If she can make so many beautifully finished clothes, surely I can make a few? Aim higher, Ellen :D

Tilly and the Buttons - and -  So Zo... - You've probably hear of both of these, but while they have very different styles to me I love the clothes they produce and how much they add to the sewing community with MMM and OWOP and the like. Looking forward to the next rounds!


  1. OMG! Thank you so much for mentioning me! I looked around your blog for a bit and I love it! especially the Christmas Party Dress. Ah! this is so cool!

    1. haha.. no worries! As I said, I like seeing all the wonderful clothes you produce and hearing about your life.


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