27 December 2012

Another softie - Another christmas gift

Can you guess what it is yet?!
How about now:?

I drafted my own platypus pattern for a friend I knew would be appreciative.
I love his Biggles style eyes!

He is made from about 2 half fat quarters, though I will need to check that. I'm also going to attempt another one where the underbelly is narrower, so he sits a bit flatter. At the moment he is more of a platypus shaped sausage... so maybe with less stuffing too.

I do like how the flipper tail came out though- its a felt sandwich with the details quilted in. It just needs to be bigger in the next generation!

His recipient loves him, so thats the main thing!
I have two baby gifts to make soon (one is already late...) so I was thinking of another couple of these, maybe a little smaller, nice bright colours, embroidered eyes and with a safe rattle insert...
Lets see if I can manage it!

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