30 December 2012

Top 5 Hits and Misses of 2012

I jumping on Crafting a Rainbows Top 5 of 2012 wagon, because it seems like a great way to sum up the year. Here are my hits and misses of 2012!
If youre doing the same, leave me a link and we can compare notes!

Top 5 Favourite Creations 
(most worn, or most loved!)

5 - These Itty Bitty Baby Dresses were my first attempts at kids clothes. I had lots of fun making them, and later made a set of Boys clothes too, for another little one.

4- Tough Mudder Outfits- I had a great time thinking up how to make these, and they made the day so much more fun, if much harder in my case!

3- Kimono Sleeve Sorbetto. I wear this one all the time! I love the way the fabric works perfectly with the pattern, and the slightly rounded hem, the cap sleeves. It looks ready to wear, but in a good way :)

2- My Christmas party dress. I think one of the best things about this dress is that I actually followed a plan through and did what I said I would do!

1- My Stoner Caterpillar dress. Its only been worn once, obviously, but Maybe someone else will have a fancy dress party soon and I can pull it out again! I love the fit, I love the stylisation of the caterpillar into a dress, I love the overall look with the hair and make up, and I loved all the "really? you made it? really? wow"'s

Honourable Mentions:
Wonky Wilma and William - My first softies

Top 5 Sewing Fails 
(UFOs, worn once, or complete disasters!) 
Why was it easier to think of these?

5 - Herman Sorbetto - too short, too green. Worn once, now deliberating what to do with it... I don't think theyd have much use for it at the Op-shop either!

4- Spring top - Never worn out of the house. I think its the bib. It just doesn't work. I might unpick it and shir the back maybe?

3- 70's dress - This one was a bit of a miss from the start. I cut out two left hand backs, so I had to fix that. Then it came out really short, and kind of tight. It split just after the photos!  I've already cut it shorter, into just a top. I still havn't worn it though...

2- Blue and yellow polkadot dress. 
This was planned for our citizenship ceremony. In my head it was going to be great. In reality I felt like an oversized toddler, and the bias neckline and arm holes distorted beyond repair. I have plans to make a sorbetto out of the what I can salvage, with a black or white collar to balance out the colour, as they fabric itself is a gorgeous soft drapy rayon(?).

1- Blue and white polkadot stripe dress. So bad it never even made it as far as pictures. I tried to match the print into a v on the front bodice. It just disn't work no matter how many times I tried. I can't even take a picture because I through it away when I was rearranging the sewing room!

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  1. Love the Christmas party dress - really interesting diverse list too. I'm joining in as well, at http://sewensow.blogspot.com.au/


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