28 December 2012

Santa was very kind

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, bit even a....*wait!*

OK< so everyone was stirring, and we had two dogs running round like maniacs.
We watched the Wallace and Gromit marathon on UKTV, and our DVD of "Father Christmas: Another Blooming Christmas" and felt like we were kids again. The Wrong Trousers has to be the best short film ever made! 

Christmas day was a scorcher (nearly 40oc/104 F) so we were up early to take the hounds out for a walk. Polgara really wasn't up for walking though, and The Boy had a hard job on his hands dragging the stubborn thing home again when she decided she was over it!

We weren't expecting Polgara, so she didn't have a stocking, but she still had lots of treats.
Juggling balls are really hard to wrap, so Santa hid them around the lounge instead.

 But the rest of the presents were under the tree.

The Boys loved their presents (yup, thats 5 balls!)
And I loved mine. They included my dress form and Ice Age from my christmas list. The binding foot is apparently still on route, so maybe Mother New Year will bring it.

I also was lucky enough to receive the Cath Kidson "SEW!" book as well as a rainbow of lovely thread and some other notions from my mother in law, and a lot of baking supplies from my sister in law; glitter gels and quality food colouring and some gift boxes for delivery of prettified baked goods.

From my parents we got a pile of Poo each :)
Ever since we used Oxfam Unwrapped for our wedding list, we have tended to get these instead of presents. It means someone gets what they need, and we save on postage and waste. Perfect!

As the day was a scorcher, we hung out inside and played trivial persuit and monopoly, drinking Pimms and nibbling on goodies. We had a big Pork roast late in the evening, complete with the best crackiling thats ever come out of my oven. 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Looks like you got some fun stuff! And that pile of poo is kind of funny-- I guess the modern alternative to coal?


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