29 June 2012

Mini Gathered coin purse

Last weekend I used Noodle-Heads idea to make these gathered coin purses to give as presents.
As coin purses they are OK, and you can just about fit a card or two in the pocket inside, but the zip across the top make it hard to get said card in and out. 

So any future ones will be just a little bigger.
They still came out very cute!

(Apologies for the bad photo! I was going to take more but packaged them up to post/give before realising I hadn't) 

The top one is a leaving present for a friend moving back to the northern hemisphere.
Its full of Australiana- fake tattoos, little Australian flags on tooth picks, and balloons with the southern cross on them. A little reminder of their time here.

The lower one is a birthday present. I was at a loss for what else to include, but then I found some pretty-decent-for-the-money nail polish in Target ($2 a bottle). I bought me one in blue, tried it that night and loved it, so went back the next day and got a glitter red, glimmer red and a black, and some nail-art transfers in black and white. They fit perfectly, so it ended up being a lovely little colour coordinated package. 
As usual, it cost more to post than to make, but I'm used to that!

My blue sparkles- it lasted at least two days without chipping, which is a miracle for me!

I plan to make another clutch following the tutorial more closely, as it will be perfect for uni. I already use a basic version, which started out life as a large pencil case, but something more organised would be very useful! At the moment it contains lots of loose cards, paper money, coins, pens, my phone, my inhaler and keys, all mixed together. A pain! But really handy to throw in my rucksack in the morning, then take it out with me for lunch or what ever and know I have everything important. 
I'm thinking I'll use the blue and black polka-dot combination, as I think its gorgeous.

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