09 June 2012

Baby Boy Collection - Winter 2012

I have a  baby shower to go to next weekend, and the mum-to-be was a little sad to discover she was having a boy. So I decided my present would be some cute boy clothes, to show her that boys can be fun too!


Introducing the "Baby Boy" collection, Winter 2012:

Froggy Slippers, 
to keep those little tutsies warm.
Perth does get cold!

Robots Invade -
 Bright and cheerful, perfect for a play date. Who says boys can't do ruffles?

Jungle Safari:
For the intrepid explorer-to-be.
 Yes... I know I havn't sewn those buttons on yet. But I will :)

Lifes a Beach:
For those more formal occasions, when style is  a must!

All these were made with Rae's Big Butt Baby pant pattern. So adaptable!
I cut the 3-6 month size, so he can grow into them a bit. I tried to make the legs as adjustable as possible, so the cuffs can be folded right up while he's small, and gradually folded down as he grows.

I bought the baby-grows and added simple embellishments to make a complete outfit.
How cute is that little bow tie?!

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  1. oh these are so cute - and yes boys are really fun


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