26 June 2012

Cold, productive winter nights

We've had a really cold, if not miserable weekend, and while yesterday was a bit warmer it was much more miserable.

On saturday I spied this fabulous flannel material, and knew I had to have some for new PJs. 
The dino ones have shrunk slowly, so now they graze my ankles, and the ones I made last year from froggy fleece are awesome, but a bit too warm to sleep sometimes.

I want to use the left overs from the PJs in another project (the fluro pink is a hint there), and I'm keen to get on with that, so needed the PJs made so I knew what I had left to work with.

So last night I got home from work, made that great comfort food of Toad in the Hole, and while that was cooking I got on with the PJs!
 They are nearly done, and probably only took me an hour. I'm getting better!
Because I wanted to preserve as much left over fabric as possible, I split the pattern so that the crotch and legs are separate pieces, with the pattern going in different directions.
All that is left to do is finish the leg cuffs. I couldn't decide if I want to make elastic cuffs, to stop the legs riding up in the night. I think I do, so I'll get onto that and take some piccies!

Oh, and 
Toad in the Hole

Serves a greedy one, or two if you maybe add more sausage.

Sausages (I used pork and leek)

75g plain flour.
75ml milk
35ml water
1 egg
salt/pepper to taste

Put the sausages into an oven proof container. I used a loaf tin because the "hole" - actually yorkshire pudding- rises best in something, metal that transfers heat.

Cook sausages until almost done.

Mix up batter by whisking together all ingredients other than the sausages!

Check fat in pan. If your sausages were like mine and quite lean, you need to add enough oil/fat to cover the base well. I used olive oil, but I would have preferred duck fat or dripping if I had any, as that gets hotter.

Arrange sausages and pour batter around them. 
Place in a hot oven (mine goes up to 225 degrees) and don't open the door until batter has risen and is crispy. Probably about 20 minutes, but keep an eye on it! Everyone has different preferences for yorkshire pudding. I love mine crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside, so you be the judge of when its ready!

Serve with peas, broccoli and gravy for a hearty warming meal!

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